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Optimised solution at Greenford Quay

At a glance information

  • CLIENT NAME : Greystar + Hermetica Black
  • PROPERTIES : 2,000
  • LOCATION : Greenford Quay, West London
  • Services : O&M

The Challenge

The adoption and ongoing services to Greenford Quay had to be carefully planned and managed to run it efficiently and reliably both during the phased build and at full occupation.

With the energy centre fully installed with the equipment to run the full development, the client relied upon Switch2 to use its experience to manage the energy centre demand in the early stages when only 380 of the total 2000 properties were occupied. Switch2 needed to operate the network to match the demand, as well as optimise the scheme to keep costs and carbon emissions as low as possible.

The Solution

Switch2’s solution was based on a robust adoption and optimisation programme.

Switch2 have a significant amount of experience in the management of schemes with multiple phases brought online over a prolonged period.  We have developed a comprehensive and extremely robust adoption procedure and protocol to keep costs low and minimise the risk of disruption to existing residents. This approach ensures:

  • Each main energy centre is accepted and taken into the operational delivery phase successfully
  • Any issues or defects are highlighted before being accepted by the client and our operational teams.
  • Our HIU and tertiary system adoption procedures are in line with ADE/CIBSE CP1 (2020)
  • As and when each underlying block is ready to be brought online, the same stringent procedure is followed
  • Ensures the connecting block has been installed and commissioned effectively
  • Prepares the energy centre and controls strategy for the extension of the network and additional heating demands that this will require.

Switch2’s Optimise solution takes advantage of digitisation and is a paradigm shift in operation expectations.  It provides constant, real time monitoring of heat scheme performance. It applies learning algorithms to the data it extracts from across the entire heat network to identify, diagnose faults or inefficiencies leading to a more informed proactive and enlightened ongoing management regime with the key aim of reducing operating costs. The key benefits to asset owners and managers include extension of asset life (35%), reduction in carbon emissions (30%) and reduced maintenance visits (60%).

Switch2’s Optimise solution gives a holistic view of heat network management including full visibility of the energy centre, distribution network, including risers, laterals and properties to enable us to make informed decisions on the running of the system and target improvements based on their value to the system. For example, using the property data we can look for a constant flow rate which indicates something is passing in the heat interface unit (HIU), resulting in high return temperatures. Our O&M procedures actively target these properties to ensure the HIUs are performing efficiently, which will result in a lower return temperature and the desired higher delta T, making the scheme more cost effective for the client and redients.

The Switch2 ICON connected HIU has also been installed in the later phases which will further assist in improving efficiency, adoption, monitoring and enable remote changes to the system.



Switch2 is working closely with Greystar and HermeticaBlack through regular meetings to continually review the controls strategies and system performance, ensuring that the efficiencies meet the client’s expectations and deliver an excellent resident experience, as well as meeting environmental, contractual and financial targets.

Optimise has been implemented for a year and there have already been significant improvements in efficiency:

  • Property losses in the first block have reduced by 37%.
  • Overall scheme thermal efficiency (heat) has improved by 30%
  • Efficiency of the heat and electricity generated has increased by 40%.
  • Over 300,000 kg of CO2 has been saved from running the CHPs and generating electricity to feed the residential properties and commercial units.

Richard Harrison, CEO at Switch2 said “We are proud to partner with Greystar and HermeticaBlack to deliver an affordable, sustainable, reliable heat and power system for Greenford Quay. We have been market leaders across all areas of the heat network industry for more than 35 years and look forward to providing exceptional customer service and results for residents and businesses.”

Chris Holmes, Managing Director at Hermetica Black said: “We are pleased to partner with Switch2 on the prestigious Greenford Quay development. The partnership approach we are taking is ensuring the scheme is managed effectively and according to demand. The Optimise platform enables full transparency of the system and the ability to make changes based on the real time data available to produce positive outcomes for the Greenford Quay residents.”

Improving efficiency, reducing cost and carbon at Greenford Quay