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Data driven design and build developing cutting edge heat networks which reduce costs, carbon, and ensure satisfied customers for the long term.

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Challenge for developers

Rising energy prices and the UK’s roadmap to net zero has raised the stakes for Local Authorities, Housing Associations & Private Developers. Energy management is no longer viewed as a utility expense, rather an integral part of strategic thinking at council meetings and within boardrooms. So, for those council leaders and CEOs contemplating their next step, look no further than data driven, residential heat networks - a game-changing, scalable solution that delivers significant cost and carbon savings.

The Right Design for the Wheat Quarter
Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing Association appointed Switch2 as ESCo partner site. We are responsible for heat network development, metering and billing and maintenance under a 40 year contract. Read case study
Delivering cost & carbon reduction to Royal Arsenal
We provide ESCo services including metering and maintaining the heating and hot water supplied to the 755 mixed-tenure apartments at Royal Arsenal. Read case study
Metering service for City House
Switch2 is operating energy-efficient intelligent metering for electricity, heating and hot water, system administration and a billing service at the 319 unit residential and commercial complex. Read case study

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