What is a connected HIU?

A HIU is similar to a traditional individual gas boiler, but instead of transferring gas to heat into the heating system, it transfers heat from the plant room to the internal dwelling’s heating system. A connected HIU is an electronic version of this; taking advantage of falling technology and communications costs, a connected HIU allows the unit to be electronically controlled allowing for adjustments and maintenance to be carried out remotely.

The connectivity enables monitoring to ensure corrective action is identified early. It offers multiple connectivity options, including GPRS, Ethernet, ModBus and MBus. ICON is essential to optimised designs and provides high-efficiency operation, along with bringing transparency and reducing the costs of operating heat networks.

Connected HIUs enable a proactive approach to maintenance with remote fixes through fault reporting, enabling first-class customer service.

Features & benefits

  • Product features

    • Integrated meter
    • Two-way communication
    • Pay-as-you-go enabled
    • Electronic control
    • Highly insulated
    • Compact
    • WRAS & BESA approved
  • Product benefits

    • Flexible solution
    • Energy efficient
    • Design-led & innovative
    • Connected, remote configuration


Product downloads

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