Switch2 welcomes improved standards for UK heat networks

Monday 25th January 2021 |

Switch2 Energy has welcomed publication of the new CIBSE CP1 (2020) Heat Networks Code of Practice, which will drive further improvements in the planning, design, development, commissioning and operation of UK district and community heating schemes.

The second edition of the Code of Practice provides a number of major updates to the original 2015 version, which established minimum standards to improve the quality of heat network projects from concept through to operation, including procurement.

Phil Jones, Chair of the CP1 Steering Committee, said: “It was always recognised that the Code of Practice would need to be updated at intervals to reflect new experience and understanding, feedback from the industry, changes in regulation and results from research projects. Probably the most important update has been to make compliance with CP1 easier to verify and check.

“A series of fully integrated checklists now presents a more structured and robust toolkit for checking compliance with the Code of Practice. It is hoped that this publication will support the development of a wider heat networks quality assurance scheme, ultimately contributing to the regulation and decarbonisation of the heat sector.”

Ian Allan, CP1 Steering Committee Member and Head of Market Strategy for Switch2 Energy, said: “The updated Code of Practice will take the heat network sector to the next level and support the development of lower carbon, higher efficiency, fully optimised heat schemes as the UK transitions to net zero. This is vital in supporting rapid growth of heat networks and providing customers with an affordable and reliable heat supply that can help resolve the heat decarbonisation challenge.”

He continued: “CP1 2020 introduces a significant number of new enhanced minimum requirements and includes suggested best practice requirements to encourage clients to go beyond basic minimum standards. It will drive enhanced technical standards, such as optimising sizing, reducing heat losses, ensuring low return temperatures and optimising flow – to deliver higher quality, higher performing, future-proofed heat networks.”

The new CP1 (2020) Heat Networks Code of Practice for the UK has been officially published by CIBSE and is available for download here