Switch2 launches Heat network efficiency savings calculator

Switch2 Energy has introduced a new online calculator to help heat network operators add up the cost and carbon savings of improved efficiency.

By raising the efficiency of a typical existing heat network, operators could reduce current fuel costs by as much as £138,000 per year, says Switch2.

The free heat network efficiency savings calculator instantly quantifies the benefits of raising heat scheme performance. Operators can work out the expected annual reduction in fuel bills and carbon emissions from implementing efficiency improvements. They can also see what would amount to in cost savings per resident.

“Many existing communal heating schemes are languishing at 35 to 40% efficiency and with the eye-watering cost of gas at present, operators need a way to reduce costs and continue on the journey to meet their carbon targets. There’s huge potential to raise efficiency to reach 65%, which can often be done through specialist operation and maintenance.” said Richard Harrison, CEO of Switch2 Energy.

“Partnering with a heat network operations and maintenance specialist, such as Switch2, to take a data-driven approach to performance improvement, can drive dramatic cost and carbon savings

“Financial returns on investment in efficiency measures are bigger and faster than ever before because of the sky-high energy costs. For example, at current gas prices of 15p per kWh, a typical 200-unit apartment building could save between £66,000 and £138,000 annually by making improvements.

“Of course, reducing energy waste via improved efficiency has the double benefit of decreasing carbon emissions, as well as costs. This is essential to delivering on the UK government’s heat decarbonisation strategy and its net zero 2050 commitment, as well as preparing for huge expansion of heat network capacity.“

Heat network operators can use the efficiency savings calculator at: https://switch2.co.uk/products-services/operate-maintain/efficiency-calculator/