Retrofitting heat networks for affordable carbon reduction

Monday 19th April 2021 |

Retrofitting heat networks for decarbonisation – at a price customers can afford – will be discussed by Ian Allan, Head of Market Strategy for Switch2 Energy, at The Future of Heat Conference on 12 May 2021.



He will explain how artificial intelligence (AI) technology can be used to deliver typical 30% efficiency improvements on legacy heat networks .  In this way, these schemes can be retrofitted to achieve next generation performance standards.

Ian Allan said: “Many of the UK’s existing 3rd generation heat networks operate at higher temperatures and generally run sub-optimally. But with advancements in digital technologies and AI, it’s possible to achieve lower temperature operation and much higher efficiencies.  By raising performance, we’re reducing both costs and carbon emissions.”

“Heat networks provide the ultimate flexible pathway to net zero as they can be adapted to switch to new lower carbon fuels and technologies, as they become commercially viable.  In the transition phase from gas to new low and zero carbon heat sources, it is essential to optimise whole network efficiency in readiness for next generation systems. ”

His conference presentation will cover:

  • The difference between 4th and 5th generation heat networks and their future role in heating and cooling.
  • The electrification of heat and potential applications for integrating solar and heat pumps to develop zero carbon heat networks.
  • How to achieve service excellence by delivering a consistent, transparent, fair and affordable customer experience.

Find out more about the Future of Heat Conference and register for the online event here