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To help you navigate the complexities of heat networks.

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On-Demand Webinars

How to reduce outages on communal heat networks – View on demand 

How heat meters can mitigate the energy crisis – View on demand 

How do you fund performance improvements on your heat network? – View on demand 

Our learnings from HNES: How to improve the performance of your heat network – which interventions and why- View on Demand 

Why you shouldn’t treat your communal heating systems the same as standard heating systems- View on demand

How can heat tariffs be used to mitigate fuel poverty? – View on demand 

The Perfect Storm: How to approach new build developments – View on demand

The Unmetered Series: The energy crisis and what it means for metering – View on demand

Combatting rising gas prices by optimising heat network performance – View on demand

The Perfect Storm: Impending regulation and the energy crisis – View on demand

The Perfect Storm: What to do with your existing buildings – View on demand

AMR Options – View on demand

Government funding for heat networks – what does it mean for the future? – View on demand

Heat metering and specification – View on demand

Heat networks regulations – how to categorise your buildings – View on demand

Heat network regulations – how to complete the notifications template – View on demand

Heat network regulations – Retrofitting heat meters: Ensuring you are compliant – View on demand

How to deliver metering and billing – a best practice approach – View on demand

Improving heat network efficiency to achieve net-zero targets – View on demand

Moving to more proactive maintenance for reliability and cost saving – View on demand

Planning smart heat meter installation on unmetered networks – View on demand

Return temperatures & efficiency – how to use metering to monitor performance – View on demand

Selling electricity to residents: opportunities for developers – View on demand

Selling the tariff to balance economics and affordability – View on demand

Smart metering & pay-as-you-go – View on demand

The role of 4th & 5th generation heat networks in meeting net zero goals – View on demand

Understanding and implementing the Heat Network Regulations – View on demand

Why design, build & operate? – View on demand