With Switch2, you can pay-as-you-go with your heating and hot water

No more running to the shops in the rain, our pay-as-you-go service means you can top-up whenever, wherever.

PAYG services

How does PAYG work?

A heat meter in your property measures the amount of heat and hot water you have used in your home. This meter operates with a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) smart unit, meaning that you only pay for the heat you’re using, before you use it, rather than receiving a monthly bill.

Why am I on PAYG?

PAYG is the selected billing method for your site and was most probably chosen by your landlord. PAYG is a flexible billing method and offers customers a wealth of benefits:

  • Puts you in control of your heating and therefore costs
  • Flexible payment methods, pay as you go and regular payments which offers a seamless service
  • Payments via web, app, PayPoint, phone
  • Your smart meter displays usage information in graphical format to help you understand usage

How do I use my PAYG unit?

If you have a G6 unit you can download the user guide here

If you have a G6 unit, view our user guide videos here


If you have Incontro download the quick start user guide here

If you have Incontro, view our user guide videos here


How do I top-up?


  • Online, using the my.switch2.co.uk resident portal
  • Visit any PayPoint outlet. To find your nearest PayPoint outlet, click here.
  • By telephone using the automated payment line: 0333 313 9171
  • Download the Switch2 app, available from the App Store & Google Play

App/Web top-up options

For PAYG customers we offer 2 payment options via the Switch2 app and my.switch2.co.uk.

  1. What is PAYG top up?
    Top up as and when required with the amount of your choosing.
  2. What is auto top-up?
    Auto Top-up ensures that you never run short of credit by automatically topping-up to an agreed value once a minimum credit level has been reached, working in the same way as an Oyster Card.

Where can I find my nearest PayPoint?

To find your nearest PayPoint outlet, click here.

My payment hasn’t reached my meter

After topping up in most cases credit will reach your meter within 10 minutes. However the time this can take can depend on the performance of the mobile network connection in your area. If credit has not reached your unit by 2 hours past the top-up time, and you have checked that the meter is switched on, please contact us so we can investigate.


I’m unhappy with my tariff and standing charge, what can I do?

Switch2 can give you a breakdown of your charges to help you understand them. Please call us or request this by email.

If you are still not happy we would refer you back to your housing association or landlord to discuss the charges further.

Emergency credit – how it works and what happens when you top-up again

Emergency credit can be activated when you are running low on credit and cannot top up. Once the emergency credit has been exhausted you need to top up enough to cover the emergency credit amount and additional to ensure you are in positive credit in order for your heating and hot water to work again. For example if you are -£5 in emergency credit, you need to top up more than £5 for heat and hot water services to resume.

 Friendly disconnection – how it works

Friendly disconnection is a feature available to ensure comfort and peace of mind for customers during weekends and predefined days such as bank holidays.  You need to have some credit on your unit for friendly disconnection to activate. Once the friendly disconnection period is over your balance will update based on the usage and if you are in negative credit services will cease. When you next top up you must top up over and above this amount in order for services to be restored.

I can’t afford to top-up

If you are having problems topping up please let us know as soon as you can. We can put you in touch with advice and support agencies and set up a payment plan to suit your requirements.

Can I have a loan?

If you are struggling to top up and require a loan you will need to speak to your landlord or housing association who may authorise Switch2 to apply the loan.

How to reduce your heating and hot water bills

Try these energy tips to help reduce your usage and save money:

  • Turning down the thermostat by 1 degree can help you save up to 10% off your bill
  • Closing curtains in the evenings helps to keep the heat in
  • Save up to £80 a year by turning off electric appliances instead of leaving them on standby
  • Turn your heating down using controls rather than opening a window to reduce the temperature
  • Set your heating and hot water to come on when you need it

Customer support

I’ve lost my payment card

Contact Switch2 and we will send you a new card.

Where is my payment card?

You will receive your payment card through the post with a letter from us.

Why are you referring me to my Managing agent/Housing office? Can’t you help?

Switch2 act as a billing agent acting on behalf of your housing association or landlord. Switch2 are only able to take instruction from the landlord and not the resident.

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