Switch2 tenancy registration service

To help register the new Tenants and to process a final invoice for any previous Tenants, please fill out the form below. As advised in our Tenancy Service Agreement there is a small fee of £10.50 + VAT, for each new Tenant registered at this property. Please read our Terms & Conditions before continuing with this form.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that this charge is subject to review and may change for future registrations. This fee covers the additional administration work involved in setting up and managing Tenants accounts. You will only be billed for this service when a completed form has been received.

If you previously registered a tenant with us and they have now moved out, you will also need to fill in section 2 of this form. If we do not have the end of tenancy details for a previously registered tenant, we will be unable to register any new tenants.

Please note that if charges billed to you or your current Tenants are not paid in full, your Tenants may be deregistered, and this service withdrawn until your next Tenants move in. If your Tenants are deregistered the supplies would be billed to you as the Owner.