Getting started with G6

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G6 – multi-functional energy payment unit

Manage energy consumption through the in-home display functionality. This shows energy consumption & daily usage on simple to understand graphs & gauges.


The G6 is a simple to use device that consists of:

Home screen: Provides the user with useful information such as current
credit status and whether the energy supply is on/off. After a period, the G6
screen will return to a screensaver which is the Switch2 logo (generally).

Buttons: Allows you to interact with the G6 to cycle through menu screens,
activate the emergency credit (in pay-as-you-go mode) or clear messages.

Signal indicator: When the green light is on, this shows that the unit is online.

Payment card: If the G6 is running in pay-as-you-go mode then a card is
provided allowing you to buy credit to top-up your G6.


View our user guide videos on the links below, to help you utilise your settings on the G6 payment unit.


In-Home Display Screens

The G6 communicates with the connected meter(s), and uses the reading information to provide the energy usage information within the In-Home display screens.


Consumption/Cost view here

The Consumption/Cost screens contain information on the energy used, its cost, emissions and current usage. Icons and text will be displayed on each screen for each energy supply your G6 is controlling.


Account info view here

The Account Info screens show current balance, arrears & purchase history.


Usage Comparison view here

The Usage Comparison screens graphically display consumption for each fuel. These update throughout the day & can be looked at to easily review daily usage.


Historic Comparison view here

The Historic Comparison screens contain graphs displaying consumption for Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days & Last 12 months.


What happens when credit arrives? view here

When credit is sent to the G6, an on-screen message will appear.


Activating Emergency Credit view here

If you cannot top-up your G6 & your credit is about to expire, or you have run out of credit, the G6 has an emergency credit facility.


Download PDF version here

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