The digital revolution bringing real savings to heat networks

Saving money and reducing carbon output.

More than half of UK local authorities have declared a ‘Climate Emergency’ and the drive to cut carbon emissions has never been stronger.

Heat networks have always presented opportunities for carbon savings, but they need to be run efficiently and proactively to realise these savings and deliver the best service for customers.

We believe that transparency, remote-connectivity and the bringing together of metering and bems are key to improving the performance of heat networks.


  • Carbon savings

  • Reduced maintenance visits

  • An end to unplanned outages

  • Extension of asset lifecycles

  • Combat fuel poverty

  • Reduce resident bills and operating costs




What are the benefits?

  • Reduce carbon – cut carbon emissions by improving performance and efficiency
  • Reduce maintenance visits – remote diagnosis can cut visits by 60%
  • Extend asset life cycles – equipment will only be used as required, extending its life
  • An end to unplanned outages – by remote management
  • Improved customer service – through maximising uptime and remotely fixing issues
  • Reduce OPEX costs – identifies performance risks, inefficiencies to reduce costs
  • Fights fuel poverty – reduce losses and improve efficiencies to reduce costs
  • Brand protection – for clients and heat networks


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