Heat Trust

What is Heat Trust?

Heat Trust is the first UK voluntary customer protection scheme for heat networks. Launched in November 2015, it established an industry code of conduct to set minimum guaranteed performance standards for residents. It works by creating a layer of customer protection for residents on heat networks, putting a standard in the quality and level of customer service provided to customers by their heat energy supplier.

Switch2 and The Heat Trust

Heat Trust is designed to put the resident at the forefront of the heat network – which has Switch2’s full support – and works in our favour as it makes customer service transparent.  It gives registered residents access to the Energy Ombudsman (something previously unavailable for heat network residents) and helps put in place the minimum level of service that every resident should receive, from standardised billing, to adhering to set service level agreements for when things go wrong.

At Switch2, we always put the resident at the forefront of all our schemes, therefore Switch2 were ready to be a part of the Heat Trust Steering committee, before Heat Trust was founded. Since the launch of Heat Trust we have been working on registering all our ESCo sites and offering Heat Trust compliant services to all our customers – as standard. Switch2 ESCo sites currently registered with Heat Trust are:

  • City House
  • Hardwicks Way
  • Grafton Square
  • Stratford Eye

Heat Trust FAQs

Why has the Heat Trust been introduced?

Although the heat network industry has been around for a long time, it is in its infant years. Prior to the pending regulation highlighted from the CMA market study, the CIBSE/ADE Code of Practice (CoP), Heat Trust and the Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations; the industry had no specific regulation, rules, or customer service standards in place and missed out on frameworks for delivering high quality customer service.

Before the Heat Network Regulations

The Cinderella moment for heat networks occurred when the EU directive was published, forcing Government to take district heating seriously. This, combined with heat networks rolling out decarbonised heat, created momentum and has since developed into a growing, popular form of heating homes.

Heat Trust works at its best when heat suppliers whose properties are registered with Heat Trust, have abided by best practice standards such as the CoP during design and commissioning. Joining up the practical design with the customer service element helps to make the whole supply chain for delivering heat networks fit for purpose, with the heat network doing its job; delivering cost effective, quality heat.

Setting the benchmark for customer service

Since the Heat Trust launch, times have changed and Heat Trust along with the Heat Network Regulations are transforming the industry. The new initiative sets service standards that are comparable to those provided in the rest of the energy market. This is helping reshape the reputation of heat networks and will continue to do so in future years.

Heat Trust calculator

Heat Trust offer a heat cost calculator, which allows residents to work out whether they are saving money from using heat from a heat network, compared to having their own individual gas boiler in their property. A customer information sheet is also available, which compares and explains the difference between heating and hot water costs associated with a gas boiler and district heating.