Commercial & Residential Gas meters

We provide gas meters for both residential and industrial applications. Our range of meters suit a wide range of requirements and vary in features.

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Diaphragm gas meters have pressed steel casings with an internal and external coating against corrosion. With the gas flow directed by internal valves, the chambers alternately fill and expel gas, producing a near continuous flow through the meter. The meters have a maximum allowable working pressure of 0.1 bar.

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CPT quantometer

Simple design to provide customers with reliable and inexpensive measuring instrument for secondary gas flow metering with low pressure loss. Installed between 2 pipework flanges as a wafer configuration and available with pulse output via plug and lead.

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The EVC is designed for converting of gas volume in various ambient operating temperatures conditions to gas volume in standard conditions according to state equation. For that purpose it reads impulses from gas meter, measures gas temperature and pressure.

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EQZ radial turbine

EQZ Radial Turbine gas meter for non-fiscal sub-metering applications. The accuracy is +/-1.5% and can be supplied with or without LF/HF pulse generator. Suitable for clean and dry gases – natural gas, propane-butane gas, air and nitrogen.

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