Electricity meters

We provide electricity meters for both residential and industrial applications. Our range of meters suit a wide range of requirements and vary in features.


MID approved, DIN rail mounted electricity meters, compact design, available in single phase direct connection or available in 3 phase direct and CT connection.

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OMNIPOWER single-phase electricity meter

Kamstrup OMNIPOWER single-phase meter is a direct connected electricity meter for registration of electric energy. The meter is fully electronic without movable parts. This ensures measurements are correct, no matter the physical mounting direction.

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ME172 electricity meter

The compactly designed Single-phase ME172 features antifraud protection and tailored metering functionalities. The  meter is intended for residential and small commercial applications.

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ME/MT381 electricity meter (single phase)

A smart generation meter with IDIS interoperability is a real insurance against stranded smart metering investments. ME/MT381 smart meters act as a communication gateway for interacting and collecting data from other energy devices (gas, water, heat) and can be customized and upgraded for future business models (via specific software applications).

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