Heat meters

UH50 version 2


The UH50 ultrasonic heat meter is precise, powerful and can be provided with a variety of communication and power options. It can be used in both residential and industrial applications.

Product features

  • Range of sizes from 15-150mm
  • Ultrasonic meter
  • Accurate measuring range of flow 1:100 according to EN1434, 1:1000 total range
  • 2 communication slots with expansion cards for options including M-Bus, pulse in/out, data logger, analogue, wireless M-Bus
  • Can be mounted in either flow or return with no setting sections or flow straighteners required
  • Long-life battery or mains powered
  • Advanced self-diagnostics

Product benefits

  • Suits every application
  • Flexible mounting
  • Minimises installation and operating costs
  • Available for every type of application and can be tailored to particular requirements
  • Easy installation ensures low start-up costs
  • Full transparency with stored meter readings
  • Full MID approval gives you peace of mind with proof of accuracy