Gas meters

EQZ radial turbine


EQZ Radial Turbine gas meter for non-fiscal sub-metering applications. The accuracy is +/-1.5% and can be supplied with or without LF/HF pulse generator. Suitable for clean and dry gases – natural gas, propane-butane gas, air and nitrogen.

Product features

  • Flow rates Q 16 up to Q 400
  • Connections DN 40, 50, 80 and 100
  • Over-run brake for turbine blade available on all sizes
  • LT Pulse output as standard, with optional Pulse to M-Bus Converter available

Product benefits

  • Simple mounting/dismounting of the meter element possible without disconnecting the monopipe fitting from gas pipework, overflow maintenance caps available to seal monopipe
  • The monopipe fitting remaining in the pipe network enables the mounting/dismounting of the meter element without tension from the pipe network causing extensive re-fitting problems
  • Can be installed in any position from horizontal to vertical (turbine axis not suspended and roller counter axis always horizontal)

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