Heat interface units

Celcius T1


The Celcius Type 1 provides an indirect connection between primary and secondary heating circuits, with domestic hot water being produced via a hot water storage cylinder connected to the unit.

Product features

  • Designed for indirect connection between primary and secondary heating circuits
  • Single 30kW plate heat exchanger for both heating and the production of domestic hot water
  • Allows domestic hot water production via an indirect cylinder (not included)
  • 8-litre expansion vessel for the dwelling heating circuit
  • Top entry primary circuit connections
  • Bottom entry secondary circuit connections
  • Easy to operate, facilitating simple integration
  • Designed and manufactured in Great Britain

Product benefits

  • Suits a wide range of properties from 1-4 bedrooms
  • The plate heat exchanger is fully insulated to minimise heat emission and improve efficiency
  • The HIU comes ready assembled to save time on fitting and installation
  • Simple servicing with all components accessible from the front of the unit
  • Enables better scheme management through scalable and cost-effective delivery
  • Transparent data management that allows us to assist scheme operators to identify potential fuel poverty and support vulnerable customers who may not be using the system effectively
  • Future-proof, giving you the best value for money over the lifetime of the product

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