New Quickpay App From Switch2 Makes Heat Prepayment Even Easier

Community heating metering and billing specialist Switch2 has launched a new Quickpay app to make energy prepayment more customer friendly.

The company’s award winning pay-as-you-go G6 meter has already transformed energy prepayment for more than 14,000 customers. The new Quickpay app now enables residents to instantly top up credit on their prepayment unit via smartphone, tablet, or any other web enabled device. This extends the existing payment options, including landline phone, direct debit, Post Office, or Pay Point.

Kirsty Lambert, Director of Switch2 said: “In 2012, with the launch of our G6 pay-as-you-go heat meter, we transformed the energy prepayment market. Customers no longer had to trudge down to the corner shop to buy tokens for their prepayment meter and were offered a much fairer, easier system. Our new Quickpay app makes prepayment even more convenient and manageable. Residents simply top up via their phone or other device anywhere at anytime and the credit appears on their meter instantly. All major credit and debit cards are accepted.”

There are two new Quickpay top-up options to choose from; Auto Top-up and Regular Top-up. Auto Top-up ensures that residents never run short of credit by automatically topping-up to an agreed value once a minimum credit level has been reached, working in the same way as an oyster card. Regular Top-up enables residents to budget better by topping-up credit automatically on a selected date of the week or month on a regular basis, without having to setup a Direct Debit. A pay-as-you-go top up option is available for those customer who prefer to add credit on an as-needed basis.

The G6 pay-as-you-go meter incorporates a graphical display system that communicates how much energy residents are using, how much it is costing them and the amount of credit they have available. This makes it easier for residents to budget and to monitor and manage their energy usage, helping them to reduce consumption.

Switch2 remotely manages and monitors the G6 system from its UK customer service centre, which provides complete billing and administration services.

The Quickpay app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play via smartphones and tablets. It can also be accessed from any web enabled device at