New ICON technology helps heat network suppliers tackle gas price crisis

The new ICON connected heat interface unit (HIU), launched by Switch2 Energy, is relieving the impact of higher gas prices for heat network suppliers and their customers.

ICON is helping housing associations, local authorities and private developers to improve heat network efficiency by up to 35%. This is resulting in major cost savings, while also reducing CO2 emissions by as much as 40%.

Richard Harrison, CEO of Switch2 Energy said: “Soaring wholesale gas prices mean residents on heat networks are facing much higher energy costs. Our ICON HIU is taking efficient heat network operation to the next level. We’re helping operators to achieve dramatic cost and carbon savings so that they can keep energy bills as low as possible and work towards net zero goals.”

ICON is a new generation electronic HIU – using internet of things (IoT) technology to outperform traditional mechanical HIUs.  Full remote connectivity with the energy centre and wider heat network systems provides better heat network efficiency, transparency, reliability and customer service.

ICON’s remote management portal is available via any web-based device – enabling managers to remotely monitor performance and update settings for the entire heat network – from commissioning and validation of the HIU through to high performance, lower cost long-term operation.  Operators can thus improve maintenance, raise efficiency and customer service, and reduce energy and operational costs, while working towards net zero.

Other benefits of the ICON HIU remote management portal, with its two-way communication system, include:

  • Operators can quickly and efficiently set up, commission and verify performance of HIUs and tertiary systems.
  • Complete system transparency enables installers and operators to identify common quality issues, such as crossed flow and returns.
  • Settings can be remotely monitored and changed to improve initial tuning and validation and ensure optimum long-term HIU performance.
  • Identify HIU errors remotely, often before interruption to service – enabling targeted planned maintenance and reduced emergency call outs.

Designed for modern next generation heat networks to CIBSE Code of Practice guidelines, and with full WRAS and BESA approval, the UK manufactured ICON HIU offers multiple connectivity options, including 5G NB-IoT, GPRS, Ethernet, ModBus and MBus.

Richard Harrison continued: “We are proud to lead on smart technology innovation and look forward to helping more operators to deliver greener, high efficiency, lower cost new generation district and community heating schemes.”

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