New full-service heat network ESCo partnership launches

Community and district heating provider Switch2 Energy has partnered with its sister company Ylem EPC, a specialist energy contractor, to launch a new full-service heat network ESCo

Switch2 EPC ESCo Services will provide a complete end-to-end service for the life of the district heating scheme. This includes feasibility, design and construction, commissioning, financing, long-term operation and maintenance, together with billing and customer services.

Switch2 already operates community heating ESCos for many leading public and private sector housing providers, but its partnership with Ylem EPC means it can now offer the full package in-house.

The new ESCo business combines Ylem EPC’s expertise in designing, building, financing and operating distributed energy centres, with Switch2’s 35-year market leadership in supplying an end-to-end service to the community and district heating sector. This ranges from equipment supply, metering, billing and pay-as-you-go, through to scheme optimisation and maintenance, energy centre management and customer services.

As an approved supplier on a number of public sector contracting frameworks, Ylem EPC can offer a cost effective and quick route for procurement. The company can also help with funding for the scheme for public and private sector clients, with a number of options for cost recovery.

“Our new ESCo service removes the two biggest barriers to heat network development, which are project complexity and investment,” said Kirsty Lambert, Director of Switch2.

She continued: “District and community heating schemes are long-term, complicated infrastructure projects that rely on stable funding and an experienced delivery team with the technical and customer service expertise to manage the scheme through all stages of its 20-to-30 year lifecycle. Switch2 and Ylem EPC have the proven abilities and track record to take care of the entire process.”

Richard Greaves, Director of Ylem EPC added: “Both Ylem EPC and Switch2 have decades of experience in the energy and district heating sectors and we stand ready to deliver the highest quality, turnkey service to Local Authorities, housing associations and private sector housing providers.”

He added: “Together, Ylem EPC and Switch2 have a proven track record of providing high efficiency, reliable energy centres and communal heat schemes that comply with best practice design principles, such as CIBSE CP1. We can also deliver exceptional, award-winning customer service standards. Our aim is to deliver quality, economically viable projects that deliver affordable, low carbon heat for customers year-on-year.”