My Switch2 online service puts community heating customers in control

Community and district heating specialist Switch2 Energy has launched a new online service to increase transparency – giving  residents full control of their bills and easy access to their accounts.

The easy-to-use My Switch2 online portal provides residents with complete visibility of their account and enables them to make payments online. It is available to both credit billing customers and pay-as you-go customers using Switch2’s G6 and Incontro smart meters.

Kirsty Lambert, Director of Switch2 Energy, said “The My Switch2 portal  is accessible to all customers. By giving residents full access to their energy consumption, account details and tariff information, we are making metering and billing more transparent than ever before.

“This is the latest digital innovation from Switch2 and is built to complement our existing  smart meters. We’ve made it  much  simpler for community heating customers to budget and pay, view and access, and control and monitor their energy usage,”

Customers can now log on securely to view all aspects of their account, such as checking and paying credit bills, viewing previous bills and pay-as-you-go statements, topping-up pay-as-you-go accounts, and viewing and/or uploading meter readings. Useful tips are also available to help them save on their energy costs.

MySwitch2 can be used on smartphones, tablets and any other web enabled device, with all major credit and debit cards accepted. It has also been designed to be fully accessible to all customers, including those who are visually impaired.

Kirsty Lambert added: “Our smart metering technologies have already transformed energy management and billing for thousands of customers and are making energy prepayment so flexible and convenient that it is fast becoming the option of choice for many.  The My Switch2 portal is the next step in our continuous improvement drive and is part of our commitment to increasing transparency in community and district heating billing.”

Pay-as-you-go customers can choose to top-up their account via the My Switch2 portal or via phone, app, or by card or cash at any of the 29,000 convenience stores in PayPoint’s UK retail network. The same options are available to credit billing customers, making payments very flexible.

Switch2 Energy provides an end-to-end service to the district and community heating sector – from financial modelling, supplying equipment and commissioning, right through to ongoing maintenance, metering, billing and consumer relationship management. The company provides these services to  more than 500 heat networks and 70,000 homes.