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We offer a wide range of heat meters to suit many applications. All of our heat meters conform to the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and EN1434 standards unless otherwise stated.

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T230 version 2

The T230 is a static ultrasonic meter for heating or cooling applications. This advanced heat meter has a moulded composite body which reduces weight.

Switch2 Manufactured by: Switch2

UH50 version 2

The UH50 ultrasonic heat meter is precise, powerful and can be provided with a variety of communication and power options. It can be used in both residential and industrial applications.

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The Optiflux is an electromagnetic, proven and reliable flow meter. It is a versatile meter suitable for many applications across a number of industries.

Switch2 Manufactured by: Switch2

2WR6 version 2

The 2WR6 ultrasonic heat meter is accurate, permits straight forward connection to Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and billing systems, and is reliable, with long-life and low operating costs.

Switch2 Manufactured by: Switch2

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