Fife Council heat network (metering and billing) framework

Fife Council heat metering and billing equipment services framework

The first of its kind in Scotland, the Fife Council Framework makes it easier for public sector organisations to access heat metering and billing products and services.

The procurement framework enables an efficient delivery of heat metering projects to participating local authorities directly with approved suppliers.  All safe in the knowledge, that a rigorous assessment and due-diligence process has already been completed.

What does the Fife Council framework agreement contain?

  • Integrated heat metering and billing services
  • Supply of heat meters and open protocol PAYG
  • Available for both domestic and non-domestic properties
  • Compliant with Scottish and European Procurement law
  • Switch2 is an approved supplier¬†
  • How to use the framework

    Public sector organisations can directly call off services from their chosen approved supplier by either awarding contracts directly or by carrying out a mini-competition.

  • What are the benefits?

    - Compliant with Scottish and European Procurement Law
    - Compliant with the heat network (metering and billing) regulations
    - Ensures value for money
    - Saves time and resources

  • Who is eligible?

    - Heat network owners
    - Housing Associations
    - Local authorities
    (must be located in Scotland or England)

Learn how we can help transform your heat networks

Selecting Switch2 products and services through the Fife heat network framework is simple. Contact us to find out more information.