Energetik selects Switch2 customer services and smart metering for Enfield heat networks

Energetik, Enfield Council’s local energy company, has selected Switch2 Energy to provide customer support and smart metering for its low carbon community heat networks. Switch2 will provide repairs and maintenance; along with heat metering and billing.

As part of Energetik’s customer-first approach, Switch2 will offer rapid response times, flexible appointments and dedicated support for vulnerable customers – to deliver a fair and transparent charging system.

Every home connected to the heat networks will be fitted with a Switch2  Incontro smart meter, set up on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. This will enable customers to see and control how much energy they consume and pay for the heat they use in real-time, plus an availability charge for the heat network infrastructure.

The smart technology will also help vulnerable customers by using the data to identify erratic behaviour, for example, extended periods of heat usage when outside temperatures are warm and vice versa.

Jayne Clare, Managing Director of Energetik said: “Our community energy networks will provide a reliable and secure low carbon heat supply at a competitive price that’s estimated to be considerably lower than ‘like for like’ private sector heat networks.  The pay-as-you-go system works in a similar way to an Oyster card that we all use on London transport. It’s an easy, flexible and transparent method of budgeting and paying for heating, and puts residents in control.”

“We feel that Switch2’s smart metering technology is key to us providing better customer service. The smart meter’s touch screen is simple to use, and has clever features to help customers understand their heating budgets, like top-up reminders and credit protection.”

Customers will be able to top-up their pay-as-you-go account in a way that suits them. To save time and effort, they can set up regular and automatic top-ups to pay for their heating. The online and phone top-up services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If customers prefer to top-up in person, they can visit their local Pay Point.

Kirsty Lambert, Director at Switch2 said: “We are delighted to be working with Energetik to deliver excellent service to their community heating customers.  Our values are very similar to Energetik’s, who also put the customer first and are very focused on delivering a superior solution. The Incontro smart meter will help the residents to budget their energy usage better and give them more transparency.”

Switch2’s award-winning technology is used by more than 70,000 homes connected to community heating schemes. The UK designed and manufactured technology is remotely managed and monitored from Switch2’s UK customer service centre. Switch2 has recently been presented with the Customer Engagement Award of the Decade by the Association of Decentralised Energy for over 35 years’ commitment to delivering excellent customer service to community and district heating schemes.

Energetik’s £85 million community energy networks will provide low carbon heating and hot water to approximately 15,000 homes and businesses in Enfield, with the ability to double their capacity in future.

Highly efficient, low carbon energy centres at Meridian Water, Amos Grove, Ponders End and Oakwood will supply heat and hot water through a network of insulated pipes, with the first customers now connected in new homes at Amos Grove.

Enfield Council is one of the first London boroughs to establish its own energy company and estimates that its heat networks will deliver £225 of economic, environmental and social benefits to residents and businesses in Enfield and the wider community.

Further information:  http://www.energetik.london/   https://switch2.co.uk/