ENER-G Switch2 Celebrates Milestone In Energy Prepayment Innovation

Community heat metering and billing specialist ENER-G Switch2 is celebrating a milestone in the success of its award-winning G6 pay-as-you-go energy meter, which is transforming energy prepayment.

Eric Camfield, a retired resident of Notting Hill Housing’s new Camberwell Fields development in south-east London, is the 10,000th G6 customer, and ENER-G Switch2 marked the event with a special visit and presentation.

He said: “I am really happy with the heating and hot water system in my new flat. I find the G6 unit very simple and easy to use. I topped it up conveniently at the PayPoint in my local shop when I first moved in. I like the flexibility pay as you go offers me – particularly that I only pay for what I use and I am able to budget better. I think that it will end up costing me less than £10 per week on the pay-as-you-go system, which I am happy with.“

The G6 meter makes energy prepayment more customer-friendly. It also displays graphs showing residents how much energy they are using – helping them to reduce consumption and save money.

Notting Hill Housing (NHH) is working with ENER-G Switch2 to roll out the G6 pay-as-you-go meters and billing services across more than 1600 homes served by communal heating.

Kylie Bickford, Sustainability Manager for NHH, said: “As an affordable housing provider, it’s important to offer our residents a fair deal on energy. The G6 system provides a transparent and convenient system of energy payment, enabling residents to budget better and to see in an instant how much energy they are using to heat their homes. ENER-G Switch2 provides a complete service – from supply and commissioning of the G6 units – through to billing and data validation services, and customer support. They also helped us to deliver awareness and educational campaigns for residents on how to make the most of the new technology.”

Kirsty Lambert, Director of ENER-G Switch2, added: “Many residents have used pay-as-you-go energy meters before, but nothing like the G6, which is a new generation system and is proving to be very popular across the UK. We have more than 20-years experience in providing energy pre-payment technologies and are delighted to celebrate our 10,000th installation.”

The G6 uses smart wireless technology to replace the traditional corner shop/ token-based pre-payment system. Residents can instead ‘top-up’ by a smartphone app, using a landline phone, by direct debit, at a post office, or any Pay Point, with online payment services to be introduced soon.

The pay-as-you-go meter incorporates a display unit that shows, in graphical form: energy consumed, historical usage, cost of using the system and credit status, including any arrears. This makes it easier for residents to budget and to monitor and manage their energy usage.

The technology also includes an audio notification system to advise customers of low credit. Residents benefit from an emergency credit and ‘friendly disconnection’ facility which prevents their supply being cut off at critical times, such as evenings and weekends, or during harsh winter periods.

ENER-G Switch2 remotely manages and monitors the G6 system from its UK customer service centre, which provides complete billing and administration services.


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