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Industrial and commercial metering for H&V Service Plan

We catch up with Jim Pennington, Director at H&V Service Plan, a leading provider of mechanical and plumbing services to the construction industry.

Jim, can you tell us how long you have worked with Switch2?

“H&V Service Plan have had a good working relationship with Switch2 for the last decade. We started working with Switch2 acquiring basic MBUS systems, however since then we have further explored their product range and now acquire the G6 pre-payment units and Incontro units from Switch2 for projects we work on.”

What do you like about working with Switch2?

“I’ve found Switch2 easy to work with over the years. They always have a good stock of heat meters of all sizes, with quick delivery and turnaround which means they can accommodate for many projects we work on. As well as the supply of products, Switch2’s engineers are exemplary and work well with our own site teams making everything much smoother.”

Have there been any occasions where Switch2 have been able to help you at short notice with a project?

“It’s always best to stick to programmes and plan ahead, however Switch2 have been able to support projects when we have needed it at short notice. When we have needed meters, the delivery has always been efficient, giving us peace of mind.”

Finally, what would you say to someone thinking about using Switch2 for the first time?

“If you are looking for a quick, reliable service then definitely use Switch2. They provide a reliable and easy service with reasonable prices.”