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Heat supply & efficiency improvements for Urban Splash

At a glance information

  • CLIENT NAME : Urban Splash
  • LOCATION : Altrincham & Manchester
  • SCHEME NAME : Budenberg & Chips
  • SERVICES : Metering, Billing, Debt Recovery, Operation & Maintenance

The customer

Urban Splash, established in 1993, is a company focused on regenerating and bringing back to life the ample stock of wasted, empty buildings in cities; with an ambition of filling them with spaces to live in and trade from.
Urban Splash has invested in over a £1 billion in regeneration projects and created over 5,000 new homes across the UK. Part of their eco strategy is to make use of renewable energy and communal heating schemes within their buildings.

The challenge

Budenberg, located in Altrincham, and Chips located in New Islington required a new solution that would improve both system’s efficiencies and the heat supply to its residents.
Previously many contracts with various suppliers were in place to manage and maintain each of the communal heating schemes due to the complexity of ownership and duties for maintenance, it was starting to become challenging to rectify issues as and when they occurred. Boilers needed to be replaced at both schemes as they were damaged and not operating effectively for residents. Consequently, many residents stopped paying their bills and the debt upon each of the schemes began to rise to an unacceptable level.
Urban Splash required a fully functioning, end-to-end solution that will not only ensure maintenance will be carried out as and when it is needed but would take care of the resident and the billing procedures to ensure payments were being made.

The solution

After delivering excellent metering and billing services across a number of schemes in Urban Splash’s portfolio; and due to Switch2’s broad scheme management experience, Urban Splash was confident that Switch2 could deliver upon the operation and maintenance projects and debt recovery services to its depreciating schemes.

The scope of the project was to provide an end-to-end solution to both residential sites Budenberg and Chips, including:

  • Boiler replacements
  • Metering and billing
  • Credit control and debt management
  • Provision of scheme administration services
  • Continued operation and maintenance and efficiency optimisation

Switch2 analysed and undertook extra precautions to ensure downtime was minimal whilst the boilers were being replaced. Switch2 put in place a back-up boiler at Budenberg and managed downtime at Chips so that is was the least disruptive to residents as possible.

The outcome

The full project of replacing boilers at both schemes were delivered on time and on budget. Since delivery of the complete solution from Switch2, both schemes have received a continual flow of heating and hot water with affordable heating bills being sent out on time each quarter; all the while decreasing each of the scheme’s pre-existing debt by 68% at Chips and 85% at Budenberg.

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